About us

We are the Public Transport Company of Alba Iulia and we have been trying, during the last years, to increase the standard of the local transportation to the level of the 21st century. Over the past years we have invested a lot, so that the citizens of our city can travel in comfortable, clean, heated, and appropriately ventilated busses, busses that have access for the people with special needs and with a schedule that is respected almost to the second.

The public transportation in Alba Iulia gives each citizen the possibility to have an active social life, access to work, education, authorities and public services even though they do not own a car, regardless of race, religion or income. Our routes cover the whole city so that our travelers can arrive wherever they want, whenever they want it. The average age of the bus fleet is between 5-6 years. All vehicles are painted in corporate red design and are available for outdoor advertising. Each vehicle has a ticket validation machine onboard and most of them have air-conditioning.
Although our company is 100% private, we consider ourselves to be a public service, having as a mission the permanent increase in quality of the transport for passengers in Alba Iulia.

Commitment to environment

The company is concerned with innovation and research in the relation with the environment. STP is the first Romanian PT operator to use of bio-fuels in urban passenger transport. The project was developed in 2007, under European Union support, having as a partner the Technical University of Cluj Napoca (the main University from Transylvania).

STP began a collaboration (September 2011) with the inventor Cornelius Birtok - Baneasă, author of a special air filter that reduces fuel consumption and increases engine power. On one of the buses STP was installed experimentally such a filter, observing, after about two weeks, a reduction of almost 11% less, without registering other side effects. The filter was awarded with the Gold Medal at the International Invention Exhibition in Geneva in 2012.

We care about saving the time of our passengers.

Our busses are equipped with GPS, allowing us to use a fleet management and dispatching system. Therefore, the traffic charts are precisely observed and the traveler waits less time in the stations. We own an integrated traffic monitoring system on all the vehicles and on all routes, which can thus be localized in real time on the digitalized map of the entire park.

We care about the comfort of our clients.

The bus fleet consists of 90 busses (only in Alba Iulia), most of them not older than 6 years; they have a reduced impact over the environment, and are equipped with air conditioning and supplementary heating systems. We have our own fuel station and one of the most modern car wash, which allows us to ensure transportation using exclusively busses that are washed twice a day. The people with special needs can travel easily on the routes of Alba Iulia: we have low-floor busses, busses equipped with ramp and level boarding.

We inform our customers in due time.

For the most part of the stations, there can be found display boards with real arrival time, and in the busses there are dynamic display systems, where the current stop and the following stop is always announced. These facilities are doubled by the vocal announcing of the lines and stops, both in the shelters and in the busses.

We care about the safety of our customers.

The GPRS system makes possible the communication of each vehicle with the two dispatchers, which allows us to optimize in time according to the traffic jams, damages or accidents. Due to this system we can guarantee the safety of the travelers through the possibility of calling the emergency number (112) for authorities: emergency rescue, firemen, police or other authorities. The busses are also equipped with video cameras in order to supervise the doors and to ensure the traveler’s safety.