Ways for viewing bus schedules ?

  • Internet – use the route-planner and other tools available on our website to obtain schedules and directions.

  • Mobil – discover how our mobile site can help you plan your trip.

  • Information about bus schedule on area 1: +40 258 812 826

  • Information about bus schedule on areas 2-7: +40 258 812 967

  • At the bus stop: Read the Info bus panel showing the arrival times of buses at the stop.

Remember: inside the buses and at the bus stops you can get information about traffic via voice-announcements.

Advices for travelers

In order for us to provide the best public transportation services, we need your help. We present a few suggestions regarding the means through which your journey can become more pleasant both for you and for the people around you:

  • Make sure you are in the right station by following the map and the travel program;
  • Check the electronic information pannel;
  • Don´t wait for the bus on the road; the driver of the bus has the obligation to stop in the station as close as possible to the border in order to facilitate the acces;
  • Wait for the bus to stop; give priority to the passengers that exit;
  • Access inside the bus is done only through the front door, from the right of the driver;
  • Respect the order of arrival in the station when getting in the bus, while giving priority to the elderly, pregnant women or with children in their arms, show civility and respect towards the other travellers;
  • The disabled people can ask for the support of the driver to facilitate the access to the means of transportation or exit from it;
  • The ticket can be bought from the kiosks or ticket selling machines from the bus stations;
  • Buying the travel ticket is mandatory if you do not own another type of valid travel badge. When you buy a ticket inside the bus, it is recommended that you have the exact amount of money needed. The driver can refuse bills with a value higher than 50 RON if he can not give change back;
  • The ticket becomes valid only after it was validated. The validation of the ticket is mandatory and is done by introducing the ticket in the validation machine that can be found inside the bus. The ticket, once validated, must be kept throughout the whole trip;
  • The traveling subscriptions can be bought from the service points situated in the vicinity of the bus stations;
  • Follow the electronic display placed in the bus. This indicates the line you are traveling on and the station that follows;
  • Solicit the bus to stop by pressing the „STOP” button from the din vicinity of the door;
  • There is no fee for a person traveling with a baby in a troller. The troller for the baby must be loaded through the doors from the middle of the bus. Wait for the busses with a low floow (LF) in which the access is easier. Do not leave the child alone or without supervision;
  • Children under 5 have the permission to travel free of charge in the company of an adult who has paid for the trip or together with a person who has a child in the troller.
  • The police dogs and the help dogs can travel in the busses. The driver decides if you can travel in the bus with a pet.
  • The wheelchairs are allowed in the busses. For safety reasons, the electric wheelchairs are forbidden in the busses;
  • Through a civilized behaviour towards the driver, you impose on him the same treatment;
  • Maintaining the order and cleanliness in the bus and around it is proof of respect towards the ones around you; before dirtying or damaging the chairs or other equipments from the bus, think if you would enjoy traveling next time on dirty and damaged chairs.